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How to Launch a Uniform Program in 3 Easy Steps

It’s always the prepping and planning of a new program or system that seems to take the longest. And in some cases, just the sheer thought of that part of the equation will render a person or team from taking action and moving forward.

The same thing can be said for a uniform program, which is why we wanted to give you a better idea of what you can expect when planning and preparing to launch a uniform program within your company or business.  

To help you better understand the process, let’s take a look at an example here of a fictitious company that may be experiencing the same exact problem you’re having.

This article will help you better understand the uniform e-commerce side of the process, as well as the client’s.  

Fictitious Company: Deep Drilling

Deep Drilling is a third party Oil & Gas company, who has a field staff of 75 guys.  The staff is spread across four states and never in the same place at the same time.  Sam is the safety manager and needs to create more time in his day and is looking for ways to streamline the daily processes, especially when it comes to safety.  

Going out on a drill site to perform a safety inspection in another state, and being back to order a uniform for a new hire becomes near impossible.  Sam decides to look into a uniform program, one where the uniforms are already predetermined and logos are inputted, according to the company’s brand standards.

Step 1: Preparing to Launch A Uniform Program

The first phase of build your uniform program could easily be called the decision phase.  This is where you will make multiple decisions including who will be involved at your company and what uniforms/ apparel will be needed for your operations staff.

The Uniform Provider’s Tasks

Once the relationship is built and a uniform program is being installed, it is very important to get all decision-makers involved in the process.  Having worked with multiple clients through the process, your program manager can help you identify potential company stakeholders, who can help you get your decisions accomplished.  They can also help you to identify your uniform choices, whether this is for inside workers, outside workers or something that has to meet specific industry regulations.    

Sam’s Tasks

    • Sam has contacted a business uniform provider and says he wants an easy-to-use online uniform program, for his employees and Sam gathers the leadership team from the field operations crew.  


    • Sam from his meeting with his leadership team, has determined who will be involved in this process.


    • After the decision-makers have been decided, they decide what uniforms will be needed and in the case of Deep Drilling, FR uniforms are a must for the operations crew.

Step 2: During the Uniform Program Launch

In this phase, you will start identifying what logos will be used and/or created for different uniform pieces.  In this middle process, all the logistics will be decided upon, when it comes to the online ordering and store.  

The Uniform Provider’s Tasks

Depending on the company budget, your uniform provider will likely want to establish a good, better, best uniform suggestions and explain the difference between all of those suggestions.  Once you have identified your uniform choices, they should create a mockup of your logo, with their design team.  The logo is assigned an art id number and any other variation will also receive its own id number.  This way, they can create various versions of your logo, if this needs to be altered for different departments within your company.  Be sure they send mockups to you, this way you can give final approval, before the first logo is every stitched.  

It’s in the middle of the launch phase, your uniform e-commerce provider should have an in-house meeting, to discuss with their account rep, all the details of the account and this person you will have availability and will act as your point of contact going forward.  This will allow you to not only get the best customer service experience, but build a relationship with the A.R.

Sam’s Tasks

    • Now that Sam has the uniform needs decided, he gets the company’s logo and sends it to his uniform provider, where they create a mockup and send for Sam to approve.


    • The next step is Sam needs to determine who will run their online uniform program and in the case of Sam, he decides he will be one of the admin and then has the e-commerce uniform provider also assign admin roles to their office manager.  This will help him, when he is out of the office for a few days and keeps everything flowing smoothly.


    • Sam talks to the uniform service company and establishes his shipping, budget, employee spend allowances, and billing terms.  While these terms are being completed, your uniform provider should be designing your website to go live.  


    • Sam and his office manager schedule their training with uniform/ e-commerce provider, where they help Sam and his office manager understand and manage the system and it’s at this time, that the order process is live.


    • Sam now has all of his 75 person team ready to order, with their own log-in information and spend budget.  Sam and his office manager only left with approving or denying orders and seeing the entire information from their dashboard.  

Step 3: Completing the Uniform Program Launch

At this stage, training is scheduled and site is ready to use.  The goal is to ensure a fluid ordering process, at startup and be sure the selected admin understand the system and their roles within the system.

The Uniform Provider’s Tasks

Once your uniform provider is at the final stage of the launch phase, their systems manager will schedule a webinar with the client and complete the walk-through of the system and be available for any questions about the private uniform store.  

After that first order is place, a phone call should be made, so they can ensure the experience was seamless and better understand your first time with the system.  You should also receive an ongoing monthly call from your account rep.

Sam’s Tasks

    • The ordering process is now live and ready to use.


    • Employees can now start ordering their uniforms and the billing cycle now starts.


Hopefully, this example of Sam will help you to better understand the process, but please feel free to ask any questions, if they should arise.


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