Flame Resistant (FR) Clothing

Certain industries, like Oil and Gas, have certain standards that they need to adhere to. According to General Duty clause of the federal OSHA Act (para 5a1), it is the employer’s responsibility to identify risks and hazards in the workplace and seek out appropriate protective garments and equipment for the protection of workers.  If ignition risks are present, then flame-resistant protective apparel is an essential element to address these concerns and keep your people safe.  Whether you need NFPA 70E compliant FR clothing or NFPA 2112, we have you covered.  Some of our core FR clothing partners include brands like Dickies, Carhartt, and Bulwark FR.

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Hi Visibility (Hi-Vis) Clothing

If your employees spend time or perform tasks around moving vehicles or equipment, then they have to be in high visibility clothing.  In recent years, high visibility clothing has become mandatory, especially in industries like construction, public safety, utility, and oil and gas.  We have a wide range of hi-vis options that will keep you and your crew industry compliant.  Some of our high visibility brands we carry include Red Kap, Radiance, and Occunomix.


Workwear Clothing

Outdoors, indoors, small spaces or up high, your clothes need to perform just like you do. That’s why we carry some of the highest-quality brands that work as hard as you do.  Some of our workwear brands include Red Kap, Dickies, Wrangler Workwear, and Carhartt. Categories include: 

  • L/S Work Shirts
  • S/S Work Shirts
  • Coveralls
  • Pants
  • Vests
  • Jackets

Corporate Identity Clothing

The clothing that your staff wears in and around the office speaks a lot about who you are and the industry you work in.  Unifying your team with branded apparel can help raise employee commitment.  According to Human Capital Institute, a 1% increase in employee commitment can lead to a monthly increase in sales of 9%.  As a result, your corporate identity apparel can be an investment in your people and your business.  Some of our brands that we carry include Devon & Jones, Core365, and Port Authority.   


Some Product Brands We Carry