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How to Identify What Apparel is Right For Your Uniform Program

Are you tired of gridlock?  Do you feel like the number of choices you face while managing your team are overwhelming?  Do you ask yourself questions like, “which vendor will provide the most value?” or “how can we reduce our cost by 10% but still achieve our goals?”  

We have these conversations with prospective clients all the time.  They’re faced with choosing what apparel or uniform styles will best fit their uniform program.  They don’t know where to start.  Even legacy clients will often consult with us about upgrading their branded appearance.  They ask what we recommend based on our knowledge of their company and goals.

If you’re currently unsure of what apparel would be right for your uniform program, this is the post for you.  We’ll talk through the considerations to make regarding the right apparel for your business.

What types of environments do your employees work in?

This is the easiest place to start, as the workplace environment sets the tone for what is worn.  Do your employees mostly work outdoors and interact with the public?  If so, you’ll definitely want something that is durable and will keep its color well.  This will ensure those employees always look professional and won’t need their uniform replaced too frequently.

If your employees work in an office setting, durability might not be as important.  Comfort will likely be the leading factor when choosing what to wear in the office.  Most corporate apparel (polos, oxfords, etc.) will suffice.  Choosing apparel from this segment can become difficult as there are A LOT of options.

The last thing to consider when thinking about your work environment is safety.  Are your employees around hazardous material throughout their shift?  If you’re in the natural gas E&P industry, are your employees exposed to open flames?  The great thing about requiring safety apparel for work is that there are less options to choose from.  This makes getting into uniform much easier, so your employees can get to work.

What message do you want your uniforms to send to those who see your employees?

We often speak with decision makers who believe they need to install a uniform program at their company.  They have many employees and want those employees to dress in company branded apparel. They rarely consider how the public perceives their company when people see their employees in that apparel.

It’s best to know the goal you’re trying to achieve when deciding what apparel is right for your uniform program.  While we’re happy to work through the details with you, consider the following:

  1.    Do you want to achieve a more professional look?  If so, what kind of budget do you have to achieve that look?
  2.    If a professional look isn’t a rule, how nice do you want your employees to look?
  3.    Do you deal with frequent turnover of employees?  If so, you’ll likely consider options at a lower price point.
  4.    Do you need companion pieces for both men and ladies?

Once you’ve thought about these questions, it will be easier to set up your uniform program.  You’ll be able to save time by not having to ask the “What do you have that’s nice?” question.

How soiled do your employee’s clothes get while on the job?

After mentioning durability, comfort and style, it would be a mistake not to mention how well your uniform comes clean. Along with considering the type of environment your employees work in, how a garment comes clean is critical in identifying what apparel is right for your business.

Let’s use a residential services company as an example.  Let’s say your employees work outdoors and interact with the public.  Being that they’re providing services in residential neighborhoods, it’s probable that their uniforms soil.  Apparel made to be in a uniform program is a great fit here as these styles are durable.  They’re built to hold up through a lot of washes.

Garment care is so important to us as a uniform solution company. As a seller of uniforms, we’re sometimes obligated to inform you that you should be renting instead.  As crazy as that sounds, buying your uniforms from us might not be good for you.  If your employee uniforms are getting so soiled that washing them at home is impossible, you should be renting your uniforms.

We always enjoy helping companies find solutions to the challenges they face.  If you would like to discuss what options are best for your company, schedule a consultation with us by clicking the image below.  We look forward to helping you identify the right apparel for your uniform program.


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