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5 Reasons A Private Uniform Program Might Not Fit For Your Company

Whether you work for yourself as an entrepreneur, or are a member of a team that is in excess of 20, have you ever stopped to think about how a company’s brand is projected?  The truth is, brands are EVERYWHERE and they take on all forms.  You recognize them based on the colors of their logo seen in print or even the sound of their latest jingle in a television commercial.

One way a company can project it’s brand is through the uniform it’s employees wear.  Companies of all shapes and sizes can benefit from outfitting their employees in a uniform.  Employees in a uniform feel like a member of the team because they LOOK like a member of the team.  This improves employee morale and makes for happier and more engaged employees.  This is a win for both the company and their customers as it’s the customers who truly experience the level of pride a happy employee projects.

However, a uniform program built around a private e-commerce solution isn’t a fit for everyone.  Let’s take a deeper look into 5 of the most common reasons that a uniform program might not be a good fit for a company.

Your company doesn’t budget for employee uniforms

If there is one thing managers are watching, it’s where a company is spending its money.  This is especially true for small companies with a local market share only.  Their focus might be on advertising locally to expand their reach instead of outfitting a team of 4 employees.  While companies of this size usually find a small budget amount so their team can be branded in decorated tee shirts, in this case a complete uniform program is not that helpful.

Your employees want to shop for branded apparel and not be confined to a true uniform

This is a scenario we’re challenged with often.  The size of a company often dictates how many stakeholders are involved in critical decisions regarding a uniform program private store.  Having so many people involved in this process that provide insight could make implementing a branded uniform program difficult.  These companies often abandon the concept of a branded look and ask that we build a more “open” site where employees can log in and buy whatever they want, so long as the company logo is present.  While this might work for a time, companies will often ask us how to form the branded uniform after it’s too late.

Your employees aren’t in the public eye

New companies these days are popping up left and right, and with advances in technology occurring at break neck pace, many employees have the ability to work virtually.  They work in a small satellite office or even from home.  This seems to be a great fit for people who want that added layer of flexibility in their lives because of all the other demands on our time.  While situations like these should make for satisfied and engaged employees, having these employees in uniform is mostly unnecessary.  

You don’t have the time to effectively set up a uniform program

This is the most common reason prospective clients give us for not setting up a uniform program private store.  We’re all so busy these days that it can seem overwhelming to take on any new tasks.  You’re a decision maker with a company that does SOMETHING to outfit your employees, but entertaining new processes or systems is not on your to do list.  You’re entirely too busy to tackle a project like this and the paper order form you fax to your current uniform vendor works.  We’re big proponents of the adage “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”, and while we will NOT force you to do something you don’t want to, we’d recommend a related post of ours to learn more.

You don’t require employees to wear a uniform

This point is also one of the more common ones and frankly, it bothers us.  As a uniform solution provider, we never like to hear that a company doesn’t require their employees to wear a branded uniform.  With that said, we understand there are plenty of reasons why a company would take this position.  If you and your company fit into this camp, it might be because you’ve got awesome and tenured employees and you just don’t want to impose changes on them.  Another reason might be that there isn’t any hazardous conditions in your work environment, making a uniform unnecessary.  

With all of this said, scheduling a consultation with us can provide deeper insight into whether or not our solution can be of value to you.  We’d be more than happy to talk through what you’re currently experiencing to help you understand what is best for you.

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