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Facilities Management: Comparing Your Best Uniform Options

The facilities management industry is exceptionally busy. There are constant deadlines and multiple budgets for multiple projects. Your employees are everywhere and need to be easily identified. Not only that, but they should also be outfitted in a uniform that helps them do their job.

If you’ve ever tried to put your employees in a uniform, you know it can be challenging because there are countless options. But how do you know which styles are the best?  How do you know that the uniform you’re selecting for your employees provides the most value?  

In this article, we’ll review the kind of work those in facilities management do. We'll describe their environment, and we'll compare some of the best uniform options. The items listed below are some of the most popular available.  

We’ve broken down these items into two categories: Great and Better than Great.

  • The Great options are built around durability and budget.  
  • If durability and comfort are most important, the Better than Great options will be perfect choices.   

First, a review of what facilities management work looks like.


What facilities management work looks like


It isn't often thought of as glamorous.


But it is appreciated when you walk into a sporting event, a medical facility, onto the local college campus, or into the office of your financial advisor.


All of these settings require people that maintain the facilities. There are people that manage the grounds by cutting the grass and maintaining the landscaping. Others understand the electrical components that keep the lights on. Still others work on cleaning desks, washing windows, and taking out trash.


And as long as there are people doing this work, they should be in a company uniform. The company uniform offers a professional look that makes an employee easily identifiable in the environment. This look supports the image of the organization and it's brand.


The company uniform might also be necessary to protect a facilities management worker. Let's look at how a worker's environment dictates different uniform options.


The facilities management work environment and uniform options


Because of the vastly different environments facilities management workers work in, there are plenty of uniform options. It starts with wearing something your team can be comfortable in while they work. If facilities management professionals aren't comfortable while they work, they're less likely to perform well.


Get your team's input regarding the uniform they wear. They'll appreciate the opportunity to be heard.


Regarding the right uniform for the environment, think about what your team does daily. Are they outside working in different conditions? Are they always inside in predictable conditions? Do they spend time in both?


What kind of functions are they performing? Should they be in extremely durable clothes because they're on ladders and scaffolding all day? Are they in more of a customer-facing role where they should dress differently?


Lastly, consider your organization and it's brand. Should the uniform come in colors that compliment the brand, or contrast it? Do you want the logo of your organization on the uniform somewhere so your team is easily identified?


These questions can help you start to think of different options your team can wear to work.


Now let's get into some of our favorite options for the facilities management uniform.

Shirts for Facilities Management

Work Shirt


Great – Red Kap SP14/24

Weighing at 3.75 oz, this shirt style is a great starter piece for a Facilities Management uniform program.  The TouchTex™ technology provides superior color retention, soil release, and wickability.  It’s an extremely durable shirt containing 65 Polyester/35 Cotton, made to get the job done.

Starting at: $22 Long sleeve / $20 Short sleeve


Better than Great – Wrangler WS10/20

We give this shirt a slight edge mostly because of its weight. A slightly heavier 5.25 oz canvas material, this shirt will also hold its color extremely well.  Double needle stitching provides superior durability and the 60 Cotton/40 Polyester blend provides unmatched comfort.

Starting at: $30 Long sleeve / $28 Short sleeve


Polo Shirt


Great – Cornerstone CS412

This polo is for a working environment, but provides a casual experience. Double-needle stitching throughout makes it exceptionally durable. A snag-resistant fabric provides exceptional durability for a variety of job applications. The tag-free label and flat knit collar provide modern features typically found in office apparel. At 6.6 oz. and 100% Polyester, it’s comfortable and durable in any setting.

Starting at: $28


Better than Great – Red Kap SK90

The Red Kap brand of work clothes is synonymous with quality craftsmanship, and this latest model is no different. The textured waffle pattern gives it a more modern look and the snag-resistant properties will keep the shirt looking professional over multiple seasons. It provides superior color retention and wicking of moisture away from your body. While the shirt is for work, the self-fabric convertible collar gives a more casual appearance. With a weight of 5.3 oz and 100% Polyester fabric, this polo will be a great fit in a variety of roles. Both polo options work well on employees that are visible in the public.

Starting at: $27


Pants for Facilities Management

Cargo Pants


Great – Red Kap PT88

The ideal pant for starting a Facilities Management uniform program, the Touchtex® technology provides soil release and great color retention. The waistband, brass ratcheting zipper, and button closure are as durable on this pant as any other. The 8 oz 65 Polyester/35 Cotton Twill fabric provides a perfect marriage of comfort and durability.

Starting at: $34


Better than Great – Wrangler WP80

The Wrangler WP80 is a top notch pant, and is an awesome fit in the Facilities Management industry. The deep cargo pockets have snap down flaps to keep all your tools in one place. Because of the importance of durability, this pant incorporates double needle stitching and reinforced front pockets. There are wider and longer belt loops designed to accommodate work belts. There is also a full inseam gusset to allow for greater mobility when bending, squatting, lifting or climbing. With a 7.5 oz Canvas 60 Cotton/40 Polyester blend fabric, this pant was made for the work environment.

Starting at: $40


Utility Pants


Great – Wrangler WP82

A sister style to the Wrangler WP80, this utility pant has some of the same awesome features that are sought out within the Facilities Management industry. In addition to the WP80 details featured above, this pant has a wide and deep cell phone pocket and a utility loop on the waistband. Gusseted inseams allow for additional range of motion. When compared to other work pants, the lower rise provides a more modern fit.  At 7.5 oz of 60 Cotton/40 Polyester canvas material, this pant will be a great fit in a uniform program.

Starting at: $42


Better than Great – Riggs 3W020

The Riggs 3W020 is the premium utility work pant option for your uniform program. With a high rise and relaxed fit, it’s flexible enough to work in any space. The carpenter style means a utility pocket on the left side and a utility loop on the right. This makes this pant an ideal option in any Facilities Management role. The 10 oz. 100% Cotton Ripstop fabric is the most comfortable in the market and is one your employees will adore.

Starting at: $48


Shorts for Facilities Management

Cargo Shorts


Great – Red Kap PT66

One of the most durable shorts in the industry, the Red Kap PT66 almost does the work for you. With a heavy-duty brass ratcheting zipper and snap closures on cargo and back pockets, the reliability of this short is unmatched. The 7.25 oz. 65 Polyester/35 Cotton Twill makes working a long day a bit more comfortable.

Starting at: $35


Better than Great – Wrangler WP90

Once again, the Wrangler name finds itself leading the pack. The super-reinforced cargo pockets in this short make it easier to access important items that need to stay on your employees. Gusseted inseams make the leg opening wider for superior comfort. With a lower rise than traditional work shorts, this short is more than ideal in a Facilities Management setting. With a 7.5 oz. 60 Cotton/40 Polyester canvas material, it’s significantly more comfortable than the traditional work short.

Starting at: $40

Sweatshirts for Facilities Management



Great – Port Authority PC90

One of the easiest crewnecks to begin a uniform program with, this 9 oz. 50 Cotton /50 Polyester fleece provides everything your employees need to get the job done. This style uses an air jet yarn for a soft, pill-resistant finish.  This fabric finish not only keeps its color extremely well, but it also provides a great stabilizer for embroidering your company logo. If you’re looking for a sweatshirt to start your uniform program with, this is the one.

Starting at: $15


Better than Great – Sport Tek F280

A step above the PC90, the F280 will keep your employees comfortable while at work. Weighing in at 12 ounces, this sweatshirt will provide warmth for any environment. The fabric is a cross-grain 80 Cotton/20 Polyester fleece that is durable in the most general settings. The sleeve cuffs and crewneck are rib knit, providing a seal that will keep out the wind.

Starting at: $40





Great – Port Authority PC90H

The hooded version of the PC90, this sweatshirt is extremely popular. An incredibly durable solution, this 9 oz. 50 Cotton/50 Polyester fleece holds up no matter the setting. Heavy enough to wear as an outer layer, but light enough to wear under a jacket or coat, this sweatshirt is versatile in 3 seasons. The drawstring allows for easy hood tightening on very cold days so your employees stay comfortable.

Starting at: $26


Better than Great – Sport Tek F281

This hooded sweatshirt is one of the most popular in its weight class. The front pouch pocket and hood are both lined with an additional layer of the sweatshirt fabric, making this fleece warm without being heavier than it should. Dyed to match draw strings will help your brand promote a professional image on site. Weighing in at 12 ounces, you cannot go wrong with this sweatshirt.

Starting at: $46


Full Zip Hoodie


Great – Port Authority PC90ZH

This full zip hoodie completes the PC90 lineup of awesome sweatshirts to start a uniform program with. Like its crewneck and pullover hoodie companions, this sweatshirt weighs 9 ounces and contains 50 Cotton /50 Polyester. The YKK metal zipper makes this sweatshirt easy to get in and out of.  This sweatshirt also comes in tall sizes in the same color offerings as the regular length.

Starting at: $32


Better than Great – Sport Tek F282

Rounding out the F280 series, the F282 can be a top notch addition to a uniform program. Weighing exactly the same as the F280 and F281 above, this full zip hoodie has an antique nickel-finished zipper for a smooth removal in warmer conditions. The front pouch pockets are lined for warmth and big enough for any necessary on-the-job utensils.   

Starting at: $50


Best – Berne SZ101

We’re noting a Best option in this category as we work with a lot of clients whose employees work in colder than normal environments. The solution to that setting is this thermal lined zip-front hooded sweatshirt. With a 60 Cotton/ 40 Polyester material, this sweatshirt weighs 9 ounces in the fleece shell PLUS 5 ounces in the thermal lining. Reinforced bar tacks can be found at stress points, making the durability of this garment unmatched. Oversized front pockets and a third media pocket make this style popular on or off the worksite.

Starting at: $55


Outerwear for Facilities Management

Mid-weight Jacket


Great – Red Kap JT50

If you’re looking for a mid-weight jacket to put your employees in so they can be identified while at work, this is a great option. The 65 Polyester/ 35 Cotton shell is one of the most durable. The shell weighs 7.5 ounces and the lining weighs 3.3 ounces. This jacket provides comfort through three seasons. At 29’ in length, it also provides adequate protection from windy outdoor environments.  Two lower inset pockets are durable enough for carrying just about anything.

Starting at: $50


Better than Great – Red Kap JP66

This jacket is the cream of the crop when considering a mid-weight layer for your Facilities Management uniform program. The fabric weighs 10.5 ounces and is comprised of a 92 Polyester/ 8 Spandex blend that allows for unparalleled ease of movement. The adjustable drawstring bottom and stand up collar help to keep the wind out on cold days. The media chest pocket can hold a wallet, the largest smartphone on the market, and more!

Starting at: $88


Heavyweight Jacket


Great – Tri Mountain 8800

The Mountaineer 3 season jacket features a shell constructed of windproof/water resistant polyurethane-coated heavyweight Toughlan® nylon, and is lined with super heavyweight 11.5 oz. Anti-Pilling PANDA FLEECE. Two front pockets with zippers and one inner right chest pocket with zipper conveniently keep important items concealed and safe. Double-stitched seams for added strength make this a great choice for outdoor work, especially in the fall and spring seasons.

Starting at: $62


Better than Great – Red Kap JP70

One of the most durable parkas on the market, this garment will make your employees raving fans of coming to work. The shell is made of 65 Polyester/ 35 Cotton to promote durability and the 100% Polyester insulation make this parka extremely warm in the coldest winter months. Numerous pockets all over this parka make carrying everything you need a cinch.

Starting at: $140

These styles are referenced here because they are some of the most popular styles with clients we currently serve in the Facilities Management industry. While these styles are the most popular, there are lots of additional options that could serve your company well. All Facilities Management companies have different needs and objectives to consider when selecting a uniform for their employees. 


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