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How To Avoid Common Uniform Problems in the Oil and Gas Industry

Uniforms in the oil and gas industry unite a company and present a safe and unified front. The oil and gas industry can be chaotic, dangerous, and dirty. In such workplaces, uniforms can help solve several issues. Establishing a dress code and a well-organized uniform program can help increase the safety aspects and the appearance of your company and can help avoid pitfalls such as accidents, legal issues, poor security, and a poor company image.


Many companies do not realize that uniforms help identify personnel inside and outside of the workplace. Plain clothes worn at work can present security issues or breaches because unknown personnel can enter the oil or gas workplace unnoticed. Establishing a standard uniform dress code helps both employees and supervisors recognize their team and heighten security efforts on-site and in the office. If authorized employees are all dressed the same, an intruder really sticks out. Also, employees are more confident when they can immediately recognize any potential intruders and visitors.


Another common issue with the lack of uniforms in the oil and gas industry is the poor safety aspect of loose or ill-fitting clothing. One small mishap can land a company in serious trouble if the employee was wearing plain or business clothes in a work environment that is better suited to high quality, durable, fitted uniforms. Standardizing workplace attire is safer for both the employees and the company.


When looking for a uniform vendor, try to find a company with a simple ordering and production process. Many uniform companies offer easy-to-order buying processes that will help you to track your purchases, budget, and year-to-year changes. You can even open the order process up to employees to allow them to self-select sizes, colors, and logo options that you can hard code into the ordering system. This takes the burden off of your purchasing department because it’s a simple point and click option for employees.


The oil and gas industry can only benefit from a uniform solution. It lessens the risk of strangers wandering onto work sites, offers a simple solution to dress code, and increases workplace safety. There are many types of materials and brands of flame resistant clothing to choose from to find the best solution for your industry. Software solutions for uniforms can make the entire process simple and effective with point and click ordering options. Safety, security, and branding can be successful by utilizing uniforms. It’s an easy way to become more effective, safer, and to foster employee satisfaction.


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