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7 Benefits Of Employee Uniforms And Branded Apparel

There are many reasons your company or business might not want your employees in uniforms. Maybe your employees never see your customers and the work environment is lax. Maybe, you're a startup and you love to inspire through freedom of expression, in hopes that it spurs creative thinking. Whatever the reason for not putting your employees into a uniform, there are many reasons you might want to implement a uniform program.

We have highlighted some of the top reasons to dress your employees in a uniform or branded apparel. In this article, we'll look at how employee uniforms work as an advertisement tool. We'll talk about how employee uniforms are an investment in your company. We'll also address how employee uniforms help provide safety and security while your team is on the job.




Employee uniforms as a brand promoter and advertisement tool


You want to create a professional business image. Because first impressions are vital, and your customers view you differently when your team is displaying a professional image. Having a uniform that matches your quality of work can lead to consumer confidence.


Employee uniforms also help to promote your company. On the clock or off, your employees become living, breathing representations of your company. Not only does this become a form of free advertisement, but now, your employee is a true brand ambassador for your organization.


Employee uniforms also help create a team environment. This concept is really a smaller part of your company's culture, but hear us out.


Think about your favorite sports team. If you go to the stadium, the fans are pledging their allegiance to their team of choice. A work uniform can do the same thing, but in a slightly different way. It can help create a culture of team spirit and belonging among your workforce. As a result, that culture produces positivity and better productivity. Not only will this overflow outside work, but it could help to raise revenue, too.


All of these promotional concepts serve to improve customer relationships. Employees in a uniform become easily identifiable in the community and help your employees to be approachable to any potential and current customers. Ultimately, increasing customer service and create positive customer relationships.



Employee uniforms as a savings and investment tool


This one might sound strange. We get it.


You're thinking that you don't purchase employee uniforms now and that doing so would only be an added expense. And to a degree, you'd be right.


Purchasing employee uniforms doesn't have to be just a line-item expense. It can become an investment in your company and employees.


Beyond what we mentioned in the last section, your employees can save money. If your employees are working for you in an environment that might require them to be easily identified, shouldn't you be providing their uniform? Why would they buy the uniform themselves?


By not having to buy work clothes, this ties back into fostering that "we are a team" environment, too. Our hope is that you can see employee uniforms as an investment through this lens.


But let's say your company doesn't want to be responsible for deciding what the team wears. You're happy to let your team wear what they want, so long as it fits within the company's guidelines of what's acceptable. Your employees pay for their own clothes, and you agree to reimburse them for them. Perfect.


We'd only ask you to consider the administrative costs of handling employee uniforms that way. Do you really want to take the time juggling receipts or other reports to manage this program? There is a cost for taking this path, too. Once you've decided a private store will help you manage your uniform program, see this article on how to manage the entire process effectively.












mployee uniforms as a safety and security tool


This area might be our favorite because so many of our customers buy employee uniforms for this reason. While employee uniforms can help make your team identifiable in the community, their safety should be your top concern.


In many industries, like construction and oil and gas, uniforms go above and beyond branding and fit in to employee safety. On a construction site, where heavy machinery is present, uniforms with high-visibility tape is a must. Adding that extra precaution and making sure your team is visible at all times is critical.


While oil and gas workers may use hi-vis clothing, you will also see them wearing flame resistant clothing. These garments are made from fabrics that are made to self-extinguish if they come in contact with an open flame or electric arc flash.


Beyond safety, being easily identifiable for security plays an important role with many businesses and organizations in today's world. A good example of this would be a college or university, where maintenance staff are working in and around the campus. Making sure the staff is outfitted in a uniform helps secure the campus. Students and staff can easily identify who is and who isn't an employee and adds a small peace of mind for your student body.


Ultimately, the decision to use employee uniforms is yours. If they aren't a good fit for your business, then you shouldn't worry about them.


Whatever you're doing now, an employee uniform can be an asset to your employees and your organization. Whether that reason is to foster a team-like atmosphere, build a stronger brand equity or for safety and security.


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