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Effortlessly outfit your team with professional, compliant uniforms in all types and sizes

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Outfit Your Team

You want your team to look their best.

You want them to be easily identified when out in the community.

You want the image of your business to be a positive one.

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Stop Wasting Time & Money

You're tired of wasting money on workwear that doesn't match.

Keeping track of receipts is getting old.

You need a single solution to organize uniform buying.


Build A Private Store

You'll have one place to go for anything your team needs.

Have them order their own uniforms with either a spending limit or approval required.

Private, secure site for your business only.

Take the hassle out of buying uniforms.

Everything You Need

When you need to standardize the workwear for your team, there are a lot of details. Here's how we help you make uniforms easier:

Free Demo

Free Demo

You'll see how the store functions so you can see how easy ordering is.

Custom Program

Custom Program

We help you find the best workwear for your team. Wear colors that compliment your business and brand.

Company Logo

Company Logo

Your company logo will be embroidered or printed onto anything you approve of, enhancing your brand.

Fit Line

Fit Line

Once your styles are confirmed, order a fit line at a steep discount to guarantee everyone is comfortable.

Private Store

Private Store

We'll build you a private, online store. You can place orders by employee, or have them place their own orders.

Enhanced Features

Enhanced Features

Features like Spending Limits and Order Approval make managing a uniform program simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions we get.

How much does the private uniform store cost?

Nothing! We want to make the uniform buying experience a positive one. You only pay for the workwear you 

How long will it take to build our uniform store?

Most private stores take just 1-2 weeks to build. We start building the store once the uniform products have been finalized.

Can we make changes to our uniform program?

Of course! Sometimes uniform items are phased out or discontinued. However, our goal is to outfit your team in a professional uniform. The best way to do that is to establish a core uniform offering that sees little change. This standardizes your company's image. 

Can our employees order their own uniforms?

They can. Just give them access to the store, using their company email address as their login and setting a password they can change. You can easily see all order history, even filtering by employee. 

If employees order for themselves, are there any controls for budgeting?

Yes! If you want to establish budgets for each employee, set their profile to have a Spending Limit. Employees won't be able to spend beyond that amount, within the specified time frame.

Can I just approve all employee orders?

This is also possible. When employees place their order, you'll be notified that there are orders requiring your approval. Simply approve the order, or send it back to the employee to make changes.

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