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Having a best-in-class private e-commerce store requires the best brands for your company.  That’s why we are proud to offer brands like Under Armour, Carhartt, Cutter & Buck, Wrangler, Red Kap, and …


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A branded uniform can help identify your employees while out on a job or an added level of security while on the company premises. It can also add to your overall brand equity, with a …


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Are you looking for more organization to your uniform program?  Are you frustrated with the uniform/apparel buying process? Put some time back into your day by standardizing the uniform …

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  • nfpa-70e-volt

    NFPA 70E: What You Need to Know

    NFPA 70E is a major safety standard that impacts any worker who is exposed to electricity in the workplace. This resource tells you everything you need to know about it.

  • workplace safety topics

    The 4 Workplace Safety Topics That Need More Attention

    We’re looking at these workplace safety topics because some get taken for granted.  Others don’t get talked about at all. But in the spirit of promoting safety in the workplace, let’s look further into PPE, ergonomics, general health and job hazard analysis.

  • Workplace Safety: Working in Cold Conditions Health and Safety

    Working in cold, windy and wet conditions can cause cold stress in workers. Cold stress refers to cold-related illnesses that happen when the body can no longer maintain its normal temperature. Cold stress illnesses include hypothermia, frostbite, trench foot, and chilblains.  To ensure worker safety, employers should implement cold weather health and safety programs, including…

  • Workplace Safety: Risks of Working In Cold Conditions in the Wrong Workwear

    Working in cold conditions in the wrong workwear can have serious consequences. Cold, wet, and windy conditions can put workers at risk for cold stress. Cold stress illnesses can range from bothersome (chilblains) to dangerous (hypothermia and frostbite). The best defense against cold stress illnesses is wearing the right workwear and learning how to dress…

  • Workplace Safety

    Workplace Safety: Definition of Cold Stress

    What is cold stress? Cold stress is an umbrella term that refers to cold-related illnesses that occur when the body can no longer maintain its normal temperature. These illnesses range from mild and treatable to permanent tissue damage and death. Four factors contribute to cold stress: Cold temperatures High or cold winds Dampness Cold water.…

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