What is a uniform program? It’s a combination of all our offered services, wrapped up in one simple and easy-to-use package.  It is the combined uniform and apparel pieces you need for your team, with your company branding, which is all ordered from our software system.  For your end-users, they have a private company uniform ordering website, where they can order their offered garment items.  This can include hats, tops, bottoms, outerwear, and other accessory items.  All of these items vary from company to company, but can be specific to your industry.


The uniform program is where stress in the company uniform comes to die.  With your help, we’ll get to know your industry and it’s workwear requirements.  We’ll focus on your company brand.  This ensures that your company’s message resonates through your employees in the uniform they wear.  And we’ll make it easier than ever to order the uniforms for your team.  Gone are the days of trying to remember what style or color someone ordered before.  Because it’s a uniform, the smallest details like what logo get’s embroidered on a particular color of shirt never get lost.  The system keeps everything within reach, so your employees can go to work faster than ever.

Uniform Program Example
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