Direct Embroidery


Logos that are designed for business cards or print, are usually two dimensional.  An embroidered logo is three dimensional and is achieved using thread. Similar to sewing by hand, direct embroidery done on a machine gets very detailed when creating intricate logos.  Having your company logo embroidered directly onto your uniform is easier than ever.  You can trust that the detail in your logo will not be an afterthought.


Once your logo has been digitized, our embroidery machines can place your logo on just about any piece of apparel of your choosing.  The thread is stitched into a garment at 800-1000 stitches per minute.  This means that your company logo can be applied to your uniform very quickly.  This is one of the best ways to promote your company within the market you serve.


Your customers will see the way you care about your team when they notice your embroidered company logo.  They’ll appreciate that you’re not only investing in their training, but that you’re investing in their image as well.