Oil & Gas

Sign a lease, get the permit, and drill the well.  The process repeats over and over again, but that isn’t the half of it.  It takes a lot of scrum meetings, geological planning, and multiple meetings until you get to that ready-to-drill stage.  It also takes a lot of employees and third party companies, who are making it all happen and safety is the priority of all parties involved. Safety affects the P&L, and it affects how your employees conduct themselves on and off work time.     

No matter what market you work in – upstream, midstream or downstream – you have to be OSHA compliant, and your team needs uniforms or professional-looking shirts.  At Model Apparel, we can help you identify the proper attire for your team – like flame resistant uniforms, high-vis clothing or traditional work-wear.      

We help you identify your oil & gas uniform needs

  • Do your land agents need to look professional and represent your company, while visiting a landowner?
  • Is arc flash a potential hazard for your specific profession?
  • Do you have specific industry standards for your employee’s uniforms?
  • Are you looking for a professional-looking uniform?
  • Is keeping your team brand consistent a major value to your company?
  • Do you need a branded uniform for employee identification?

Initial account setup

  • How many people are in your company or team?
  • What is the pre-determined budget spend limit per employee?
  • Will you need your apparel branded with your company logo or name?

If you are looking to take your uniform needs to the next level or are exploring a uniform provider, then Model Apparel might be your solution.  We create your private company e-commerce store and you will have the power to set your budget spend, per employee, and track that spending across one or multiple locations.  Your focus needs to be our energy, and let us focus on outfitting your team.

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