Core Flame Resistant Shirts

Core FR shirts get the job done.  Period.

When it comes to keeping your employees safe, these shirts are ready to rise to the challenge.

FR shirts come in all different styles and are made for the rugged environment they’re worn in and are NFPA 2112 certified.

Regarding durability, inventory and price, they are the best of the best.

Advanced Flame Resistant Shirts

Advanced FR shirts are in a league of their own.

Not only are they keeping your employees safe, but they’re also made from some of the most comfortable fabrics on the market.

Like the Core shirts, Advanced FR shirts come in all different styles and are NFPA 2112 certified.  The shirts shown here are the most popular in the field.

Their inventory is available and the price is reasonable for the comfort provided.

Core Flame Resistant Pants

Core FR pants are on the front lines, everyday.

When it comes to keeping your employees safe, these pants are ready when you need them.

FR pants come in various fabrics and cuts and are made for the hard work you do to get the job done.

You’d be hard pressed to find better pants for starting your new uniform program.

However, if you don’t see something that fits your brand, please let us know.

We’re happy to source the right option for you.

Advanced Flame Resistant Pants

Advanced FR pants are made up of styles that your team will LOVE wearing during those extended shifts.

The comfort provided in these pants is unmatched, as they’re made with the latest in FR fabric technology.

And with the Bulwark name, you can trust that they’re as tough as they come.

We recommend these pants for anyone looking to take their uniform to the next level.

Core Flame Resistant Coveralls

Core FR coveralls are a staple in the field.

These core pieces of outwear not only help keep employees safe, but they also make them easily identifiable while on site.

They also provide enough features to make your team feel at home while at work.

The CECT comes standard with the enhanced visibility tape, which is important in low visibility conditions.

Look here for outerwear that will get your flame resistant uniform program off the ground.

Advanced Flame Resistant Coveralls

The Advanced FR coverall is the king of the castle.

Combining the functionality of a coverall with new technologies in FR fabric makes this the perfect article for the employees wearing them.

Bulwark has been the leader in FR garments for decades and their latest products like this one show they have no intention on slowing innovation.

If you want your team to be happier and more productive, give this coverall a long look for your uniform program.

The energy industry is full of change.  Safety regulations and initiatives are always being discussed and implemented.  Industry growth, especially domestically in the United States, is expected to continue as we look for ways to become more self sufficient with energy production.


Because change is normal in the industry, you’ll want to be aware of what flame resistant clothing options are readily available.  It’s important to know what products are on the market that will best fit your unique needs.


Outside of workwear options, don’t forget to consider your team.  They’re working in some of the most demanding environments, from drilling and fracking sites to processing and transportation stations.  The hazards they face are real.  Beyond being concerned for their safety while at work, we’d encourage you to take their comfort and happiness into consideration.


To do this, start with these products to better educate yourself on what’s available in flame resistant garment technologies.  While this is a list of styles we highly recommend, they shouldn’t be considered to be the only options on the market.  If you’d like to see more styles beyond these, please let us know.


We’d be happy to consult with you further to meet the needs of your budget, your team or your brand.  Use the button below to schedule a free consultation so we can serve you better.