Simplify Your Company's Uniform And Apparel Ordering Process


 Ordering your company's uniforms shouldn't be a difficult or tedious process and that's why we've developed a uniform ordering program. 

We create your company's free personalized web store that allows your employees to order from your predetermined uniform selections.

So what makes this so easy? Once all your uniform selections are made, just give your employees their allowance and they are ready to order and if you want more control, we can do that too! A tailored solution to simplify your employee's uniform program.

  • Get a personalized walk-through of our demo web store and how it can work for your company or business.
  • Help you to define the critical information: shipping abilities, payment terms, company logo requirements, and uniform requirements.
  • Identify your web store management structure, that best suits your company's environment.
  • Help you identify your next steps to launching a uniform program.

So are you ready for your personalized demo? Just fill out the form and get started!


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